Uncontested Divorce
and The Law Offices of Paul Gómez
Divorce tends to be expensive.  As if the experience of divorce were not difficult enough,
the costs of dividing a household, alone, can be overwhelming to anyone.  When your
marriage ends, there will be no shortage of attorneys to choose from and
no limit to the amount of money that you can spend on legal fees.  Fortunately, there
is some good news.

If you and your spouse can agree on how you want to divide your marital property and
can agree on custody issues, the Law Offices of Paul Gómez can handle your divorce
for only $999.00 (with no minor children of the marriage) or $1,099 (with minor children
of the marriage).   

We are able to offer this price, because Paul Gómez has handled MANY divorces.  This
experience has taught Mr. Gómez how to streamline an uncontested divorce, maximizing
the ease of the entire process.  

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